Friday, September 17, 2010

Graveyard Columns

A couple years ago I built my graveyard fence.  It's been a great addition to the display but I really wanted to add to this year by building some large entrance columns.  I modeled my columns off the Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris Resort.  I think it will go great with the existing fence as well as match with the exterior style of my house.  The exposed brick from the decaying plaster finish will match well.  Here is a fantastic shot of the Phantom Manor as well as one of the columns.

In my first attempt to make a column 3 years ago I really had a hard time getting my scale correct.  So what I decided to do was contact Ray Keim from Haunted Dimensions to help me figure out approximate dimensions.  Ray was great and sent me over some plans.

This week I started constuction on the frame of the columns.  Here are some pictures of the progress.  So far the only challenge I had was trying to figure out the angle to cut for the middle-upper bars of the column since all sides pull in towards the top.  Good thing my brother-in-law is an engineer to help me figure that one out!  More to come soon!  

Happy Haunting!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This year was supposed to be the year that I got everything done ahead of time.  Well that never seems to happen.  I started purchasing parts for the new editions at the beginning of the year and now everything is really starting to gear up.  This year if everything goes as planned will introduce some major changes to design/control of the display.  Here is a list:

  • DMX Controlled System
    • 5 DMX RGB Lights
    • All Pnuematics controlled via DMX
    • MedusaDMX Boards to control the Pumpkin Quartet/Old 3-axis Skeleton and the Ghost Host
  • Introduction of Pneumatics
    • Reaper Spitter
    • Coffin Sit-Up
    • Casket Escaper
    • Tombstone Popper
  •  Entrance Columns to add to the existing fence
I have already begun construction on the new columns, ground-breaker coffin for the sit-up pneumatic, and  animation of the coffin from last year (Coffin Escaper).

Happy Haunting!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hard Weekend

Since the winds were playing havoc on everything I decided to hang out in the garage and keep cranking away on various props. I finished cutting all the rest of the shapes for my tombstones, painted the backings for my skeleton sconces, and pulled out all the rest of the decorations. here are a few pics of the progress.


So last weekend I decide to start putting up my decorations. Spent a whole day streching beef netting all over the house and it looked awesome. Well that was until this weekend when Southern California got blasted by some really strong Santa Ana winds. My webs have really gotten thrashed. I'm not sure if I can salvage them but tacking them back down or if they are just to shredded to look decent. The winds are supposed to be done by tomorrow. Crossing my fingers that the rest of the month will go by with no more winds. Here is a pic before the melay.

Monday, June 16, 2008

3-Axis Greeter

I have been super busy every weekend playing with my new toy for this year. I'm working a 3-axis skull to be used to greet the tots this year. I'm using HalloweenBob's basic setup with Gym_Ghost hardware kit for the parts. The skull consists of 4 servos for movements of tilt, nod, rotate, and jaw movement. I'll post some pix of the progress later but I think I have everything the way I want just need to work on the programing of the animation.

Mr. Reaper Part II

I have been so behind when it comes to updates lately! Here is an updated pic on the reaper. I purchased a new spray gun to hook up to my compressor so I can get ready to paint him. I also picked up a gallon of Dry-Lok to coat him with so he can withstand being outside and not turn to mush. I'm hoping this weekend I can get that done and then give him a final coat of paint. Also a guide is coming I promise :P

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mr. Reaper

So I been working on my reaper here and there when I get a couple minutes of free time. Here is a preview of the shape and design. I still need to add the burlap around the body portion but I think I got the hard part done (head, arm, & hand shape). I'm hoping to have the monster mud applied this weekend and then I'll just need to do some airbrushing.