Monday, October 13, 2008

Hard Weekend

Since the winds were playing havoc on everything I decided to hang out in the garage and keep cranking away on various props. I finished cutting all the rest of the shapes for my tombstones, painted the backings for my skeleton sconces, and pulled out all the rest of the decorations. here are a few pics of the progress.


So last weekend I decide to start putting up my decorations. Spent a whole day streching beef netting all over the house and it looked awesome. Well that was until this weekend when Southern California got blasted by some really strong Santa Ana winds. My webs have really gotten thrashed. I'm not sure if I can salvage them but tacking them back down or if they are just to shredded to look decent. The winds are supposed to be done by tomorrow. Crossing my fingers that the rest of the month will go by with no more winds. Here is a pic before the melay.