Monday, October 13, 2008

Hard Weekend

Since the winds were playing havoc on everything I decided to hang out in the garage and keep cranking away on various props. I finished cutting all the rest of the shapes for my tombstones, painted the backings for my skeleton sconces, and pulled out all the rest of the decorations. here are a few pics of the progress.


Elmwood Court said...

Hi Love your Halloween decorations. I have just found out about using beef netting for webs and I would love to use it for my haunt next year. I'm in SoCal and I was wondering where you found yours if you don't mind sharing. Plase email me at

Thanks so much!

Phantom Hollow said...

I get my beef netting from Trenton Mills. I believe I got a 10 pound roll and I'm still using it 5 years later!

Phantom Hollow said...

here is a link to Trenton Mills: