Monday, June 16, 2008

3-Axis Greeter

I have been super busy every weekend playing with my new toy for this year. I'm working a 3-axis skull to be used to greet the tots this year. I'm using HalloweenBob's basic setup with Gym_Ghost hardware kit for the parts. The skull consists of 4 servos for movements of tilt, nod, rotate, and jaw movement. I'll post some pix of the progress later but I think I have everything the way I want just need to work on the programing of the animation.

Mr. Reaper Part II

I have been so behind when it comes to updates lately! Here is an updated pic on the reaper. I purchased a new spray gun to hook up to my compressor so I can get ready to paint him. I also picked up a gallon of Dry-Lok to coat him with so he can withstand being outside and not turn to mush. I'm hoping this weekend I can get that done and then give him a final coat of paint. Also a guide is coming I promise :P