Monday, June 16, 2008

Mr. Reaper Part II

I have been so behind when it comes to updates lately! Here is an updated pic on the reaper. I purchased a new spray gun to hook up to my compressor so I can get ready to paint him. I also picked up a gallon of Dry-Lok to coat him with so he can withstand being outside and not turn to mush. I'm hoping this weekend I can get that done and then give him a final coat of paint. Also a guide is coming I promise :P


vertigoxcured said...

how much do you think this cost in total to make?

Phantom Hollow said...

I dont remember exactly but I think it was probably around $50-75 in parts. Here is the link to the tutorial I wrote. It also has progress pictures during the build to help you out. I have a parts list so you price everything out at your local store.

Phantom Hollow said...

Also check out our Facebook page. I update that much more than here.


Shelly C said...


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